Fluidised Bed Cleaning Service

Highly Efficient & Fast

No Part Damage or Distortion


Free Cleaning Test & Quotation

Save Costs & Save the Planet!

Perfect for Paint and Plastic Stripping

No Need for Pre-Treatment

No Dangerous Waste

Free Cleaning Test & Quotation

On-Site Cleaning Machine or Sub-Contracting Service

Excellent Results

Very Fast Cleaning Cycle

No Parts Distortion

Perfect for Painting and Plastic Injection Production Lines

Fluidised Bed Cleaning Equipment for Paint and Plastic Residue Stripping

We are the first dedicated manufacturer and sub-contractor of Fluidised bed equipment and industrial cleaning facility in Thailand/Asia. We offer to build new equipment for whom need stripping organic coatings and contaminations from steel parts directly in their workshop, but also cleaning services in our factory for whom don’t need daily cleaning duty.

Our Advantages compared to the other Cleaning Methods
  • No damage or distortion of hot-runners and paint shop components
  • Excellent cleaning of painting jigs, hot-runners, grates, etc...
  • Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Process
  • Minimal Labor needed to Operate
  • Flexible Design & Operation
  • Fast Cleaning Cycle: usually 30-60 minutes
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Improved quality of your end-product with less reject parts

Traditional methods for stripping paint, coatings from metal objects, or for cleaning plastic from metal tools, impose the use of hazardous chemicals, blasting process, open air fires, etc… ICS cleaning process is known to offer fast and good quality results and ecological benefits over most traditional methods.

How Does Our Cleaning Process Work?

The main part of the Fluidised Bed Technology is an insulated reactor containing silica sand particles. The sand is brought to a bubbling state by injecting a mixture of gas and air from the bottom. The sand is then heated up uniformly to ca. 420°C after ignition of the gas-air mixture.

The parts are then submerged in the hot sand, which ensures an uniform temperature and therefore no distortion, and the bonded organic residue is gasified. These gases rise through the fluidised bed and are burned by a flameshield.

Inorganic residue is also removed from the parts without damage by the slight movement of the sand in its fluid state, and is blown out of the sand bed and captured in a filter system.

Our Fluidised Bed Models
ICV Type
TNV Type
HTF Type
RAN Type
Perfect for Difficult to Clean, Expensive and Sensitive Parts
Extrusion Screws
Die-Cast Molds