About Us
About Us: Industrial Cleaning Solution Co., Ltd.

We are the first dedicated sub-contractor Fluidised Bed Cleaning Facility in Thailand, for stripping organic coatings and contaminations from steel parts.

Our Fluidised Bed Thermal Cleaning is widely considered the Best Available Technology as apart from giving excellent cleaning results it's also environmentally friendly and very fast. But crucially, the technique ensures that the parts are subjected to an even temperature profile which means that the risk of distortion is greatly minimised.

We have been located in Sriracha for more than 6 years, and offer our services to many large companies in Thailand such as:

  • COTTO Tiles, rubber removal from die mold.
  • MITSUBISHI motors, paint removal from hanger & jigs.
  • ELECTROLUX, removal paint from hanger, jigs.
  • SHARP Federal, removal paint from hanger, jigs.
  • SHARP Appliance, removal paint from hanger, jigs.
  • BAYER polycarbonate, removal PC from Die cast injection.
  • HMC, PE removal from filter injection.
  • BPE, PE removal from filter injection.
  • GE plastics, removal PP from nozzle injection and filter injection.
  • GEM, paint removal from hanger, jigs.
  • DAIHEN, removal paint from hanger, jigs.
  • SA Precision, removal paint from jigs.
  • KLOECKNER, removal PC from die mold.
  • NWB, removal coating from hanger, jigs.
  • KITAMURA, removal paint/coating from hanger, jigs.
  • YAMAHA, removal paint from hanger, jigs.
  • and many others...

Traditional methods have included burn off ovens which are slow, dangerous, have high running costs and cause distortion. Chemical stripping is even more difficult with the onset of environmental regulations and shot basting can cause damage. Frequently these jobs have been outsourced to contractors who use these outdated methods...

With our Fluidised Bed Technology, you can now benefit from unprecedented cleaning efficiency, with an impressive turnaround speed, and without risk towards the environment, your parts, and your workers!